This sucks.

Getting dumped rather sucks. Right before I'm getting on a fucking train for six fucking hours. On the slightly bright side, Laura Lims start today.
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I should be panicking right now

I have midterms coming up. I started the semester three weeks late. I haven't paid that much attention in class. I haven't been reading. I'm screwed. On the bright side, I haven't got any student loans, so I can fail the final exams without loosing money. So that's a relief.

I was going to write here more often. I did plan to. But forgot. And then my laptop died. Then I moved and left my stationary behind, and when I got it back, it mysteriously died on me too. So I don't have all that much computer time these days. Collapse )
Myka, H.G

New layout, yay!

Lookie! I've started on a new layout. It's not done, the unfinished look should hopefullyn be remedied shortly. But on to the important part, my new obsession, Pride and Prejudice ^.^ Oh the love. The short series, mind you, not the movie. And sadly I haven't read the book yet. I will though.
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Myka, H.G

Stolen meme =D

Stolen from michellek
Put your iTunes/Winamp/WMP on shuffle.
Say the following questions aloud, and press play.
Use the song title as the answer to the question.

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Yes. I know. It's just that I have a few thousand songs I never listen to. and about 2 hundred that I do. I'll work on it, I promise. Things I'm obsessing over this week:

-Pride & Prejudice (the short series, not the film) Will also read the book.
-Jennifer Ehle (refer to above)
-Queen. Not sure why.
-Malex (Marissa/Alex, OC)
-Olivia Wilde (because of Mae, and the above)
-many other things I don't currently remember.
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